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Hand Throw Streamer

Our Bright, colorful streamer poppers are easy to clean up after all the fun is over! Use hand throw streamers poppers to make a grand wedding exit, make guests feel like an important part of the ceremony and provided for a great photo opportunity!


First of all, use one finger to hold the ring of popper, then tear the paper in the bottom of streamers, then hold the streamers in your hand, throw them away when the party is on.

Immerse yourself and your guests in colorful tissue streamers or white!! Make amazing photos and selfie moments with colorful tissue streamers floating around; surprise your family and friends on their wedding, birthday, Christmas, new year eve party, graduation party, championship games, award ceremony, confetti day and more.

Our party poppers are made of tissue paper which is ECO friendly. Each crackers poppers has 30pcs streamer inside, and the length of each streamer is approx 6 meters, invite your friends or your kids to play together.

Those streamer poppers are great for party decoration, much more safe than confetti cannon or confetti poppers, no mess and easy to clean up after party.

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